Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Frickin' lasers!

My apartment in New York is great. It's close to Central Park, close to the subway and close to Momofuku Milk Bar. But it's pretty small. Especially the kitchen. My kitchen drawers are only about six inches wide. Finding a cutlery organizer which fits in the drawer is pretty well impossible. So what to do? Build one!

Fortunately, one of my colleagues has access to a laser cutter at NYC Resistor. He helped me build a completely custom cutlery organizer which fits both my drawer and my cutlery perfectly.

Step 1: build a prototype from cardboard to check the dimensions and functionality.

Step 2: Using InkScape, design all of the pieces (with raster images which are etched with the laser at low power).

Step 3: Bring on the laser!

Step 4: Prepare all the pieces

Step 5: Put it all together!

Step 6: A perfect fit!

Next I'm going to build a small tray to sit on top of this one, giving me a bit of additional storage space for little utensils.

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